Top 3 Tips to Shoot Aerial Videos

As curious as it may sound, it often seems like all it takes is a high-tech multi-rotor and a brand-new 4K camera to capture stunning aerial drone footage. Thanks to the latest technology embedded in some recent quadcopters, everything seems to be thought out and programmed so that you just have to press a button and immortalize your panoramas in quality aerial videos. But to get the perfect result, here are some tips you should follow.

Get Familiar with the Basics of Photography

If these values do not mean anything to you: 17-85 mm, 17-40 mm, f/2, ISO 600, you will need to read some tutorials to understand the basics of aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, depth of field and above all, focal length. It is precisely this last element, combined with the others, which is responsible for the viewing angle and allows panoramic photos and beautiful aerial videos to be taken. Here, you will need to master the fundamentals and start by getting a good understanding of how the exposure triangle works. These rules apply to all types of cameras, including those integrated to drones.

Test the Settings before Take-Off

While some drones allow camera settings to be made remotely, most other quadcopters do not always have this option. Considering the relatively short flight times of these devices, it is not always advisable to waste five precious minutes changing settings in mid-flight. To do this, make your settings according to the type of aerial video you want to shoot before launching your multi-rotor. If your drone allows you to change the speed of rotation (Yaw), adjust it so that it is relatively low (preferably at 50 °/ sec). This way, you will be able to rotate your camera smoothly and achieve stable shots and avoid the parasitic movements of the Yaw that aerial video enthusiasts hate so much.

Turn off the Autofocus Function and Use the Histogram

If you want to shoot landscapes and large spaces, it is advisable to deactivate the autofocus and switch to a manual setting, with a focal length close to infinity. Some new drones now have an autofocus function which allows you to automatically adjust the focus during your transitions between different shots. You might not need this while making aerial videos but it is still good to know, especially if you also like to take aerial pictures. If you can, play with the aperture which also influences the sharpness!